Bertie and French are a partnership of Master Goldsmiths. We specialize in bespoke design and manufacture of jewellery and small precious metal items using a combination of new technology and traditional skills. Dedication to quality, excellence and attention to detail is followed at every stage of our manufacturing processes. Our combined ambition is to produce the most exquisite and beautifully crafted pieces, tailored to our clients’ individual requests.

We offer a wide range of services ranging from simple repairs and alterations to designing and manufacturing new items of jewellery, presentational pieces, or objects d'art. We love our work because every job is unique and of great significance to our customers. Making someones engagement ring, anniversary item, symbols of love and success is a great responsibility that ultimately creates joy.  

Some of our pieces have featured logos or emblems, attaining particular significance in a bespoke item, such as 'Orla' a Table Centre piece for the RAF 206 Squadron Association Centenary Celebration 2016.  

One of our most challenging commissions was to make a miniature replica of a car. The little Morgan was only 4.25cm long, small enough to fit into one of our jewellery boxes, although it was a task to keep it in place because the wheels turned!  Another car related commission was a racing car steering wheel made into a lapel pin.

Many of our commissions have involved remodelling valued but dated items, or family heirlooms. We have transformed many unsuitable or damaged items of jewellery into pieces that are more fashionable, better reflect the personality and taste of the wearer or given a piece a new lease of life, whilst retaining the sentiments attached to the original pieces. This has resulted in an eclectic and varied portfolio of cherished items.

All enquiries welcome.

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Contact us for experienced advice on the how your desired piece can be created, either from new or old materials. We can present you with an accurate design presentation of your finished bespoke item. Happy, long term customers with whom we have built a mutual trust are the foundation of our business. It is always a pleasure to use our skills and technical expertise to produce personal items that are treasured for a lifetime or for generations to come.

We have been designing and making jewellery for over 18 years as fully trained goldsmiths and strive to produce beautifully crafted jewellery that will not only be cherished but also champion British workmanship.

We only use high quality and ethically sound materials and we manufacture entirely within the UK.